Bitcoin has already changed the possibilities of the future by providing a decentralized platform where money is not government by government but by it’s coin holders and traders. Bitcoin makes it possible to exchange digital currency for goods and services online and off online. Since 2009  Bitcoin has risen to the top above all other digital currencies. This new digital gold rush is much like the Dot.Com boom in the early 90’s so don’t miss this opportunity. Below you will find out top resources to purchase, mine, multiply, exchange, research, secure and sell your Bitcoin or Altcoins.

Coin Base- Coin base is the #1 choice for purchasing Bitcoin, Lite coin and Ethereum in the USA. You can buy and sell your bitcoin directly from your account using a bank account or credit card. Once the coin or in your wallet you can begin buying more Bitcoin or using bitcoins to buy Alt Coins. Coin base does have a limit of $200 a day purchasing but you can sell an unlimited amount.

Gemini- Is another purchasing and exchange platform that is similar to Coin base but allows you to purchase large sums of bitcoin in one transaction. You can also exchange for other currencies on Gemini.



Genesis Mining- Mining crypto currency is alot like gold mining, in that it takes time and effort to produce crypto currency. The process of mining involves computer processing and binary coding to release bitcoin and altcoin to the market for purchase. This physical process is done by large companies with thousands of computers dedicated only to producing crypto currency.



Coinwars- Coin wars is a complimentary calculation tool that allows you estimate profits on mining contracts from genesis mining. You can also view mining charts and exchange rates. This tool is great for researching a coin to invest in.



Bit Connect- Is a coin that is decentralized and has the unique purpose of trading cyrpto currencies. The technology is based on bot trading and sharing returns of 1% to it’s coin holders. There are many benefits to the bitconnect platform. You lend money to the bot and the bot trades on the exchange and averages a 1% return on the month. Interests is paid daily and users and choose to compound the interests by reinvesting all or part of daily returns. Another benefit is the accumulation of the token as it grow in value. The bitconnect token can be exchange for USD and Bitcoin or traded for any other currency, steem for example.


Block trades- is a decentralized crypto currency exchange platform. With block trades you can trade various coins for one another. Block trades is fast and used by thousand each day. Not all coin exchanges have all alt coin listed so you may want to also consider using more than one exchange.



Changelly- Is known for their low exchange rates and affiliate program that allows it members to earn 50% on the exchange rates. Changelly is also backed by Minergate and crypto mining pool.



Bittex- Has the large exchange of alt coins available, many crypto traders use bittrex to find and hold new coins with high profit potential. Bittrex also offers it’s users a online wallet for exchanges. Coin are traded with bitcoin for alt coins so you’ll need to collect some bit coins before investing in alt coins.

Coin market cap- List the largest number if coins on the market, Find charts and explore new coins! Find the next big boom and strike it rich! Yes, it really happens! Enjoy!


Desktop Wallet- There are three types of  crypto wallets, This is where you will store and hold your digital currency. It is common for large sums of crypto to be kept using a hard  wallet similar to a usb gig stick. Other use free paper wallets for small or quick transaction. You may also hold your currency in an online wallet or on your desktop computer. For desktop make sure your computer has virus protection. We use recommend Exodus desktop wallet, for handling large transactions.



Hard Wallet- These are more secure than any other wallet because you store your coins on a portable hard drive and only you have the private keys to access the coins. However if you lose your hardware wallet then your coins are lost so be sure to keep it in a safe place. We recommend using ledger for your hard wallet.


Paper Wallet- There are several paper wallets you can create for free. These paper wallets are most commonly use to quick and small trades,and transactions. It’s free but I wouldn’t recommend using a paper wallet unless you know what your using it for.