Hello and thanks for reading.. I’m Carlton Richard and I have been earning a full income online since 2012, I’ve worked for companies like Host Gator and Spark Energy organizing customer data and doing product research. I used the skills I learned and applied them to my online business and here I am. (long story short) In this article, I want to share my knowledge with people looking to start an online business or promote their product or service to make money online and gets leads for future sales. So you need 3 things and 4 steps to make money online, but you don’t have to own them all.
1. A Business To Promote – This can be a home based business , company or your own product/service. Always choose a business that is respected and adds value to it’s community online. Test it, and only promote the business if you believe in or have had success with it.
2. A Marketing System – You need software that can collect email addresses, so you can build your list of subscribers. You also need to be able to create lead capture pages to attract subscribers. You need to able to send follow up messages to your subscribers. 80% of online sales happen after the 5th advertisement or contact is made.
3. Traffic Advertising Plan- There are several ways to get people to your capture pages. Paid email blasts is one of the most effective methods, Pay Per Click Ads are good as well when using the right keywords. Traffic Exchanges can be very beneficial in adding residual earnings. If your selling products you can use Ebay and Amazon’s built in traffic to money online. Set a budget, start with one method and be consistent!
4. Rinse and Repeat once you find the traffic method that works best for your type of business, scale up the advertising dollars on that method and cut down the others. If your buying traffic once a week, and also doing 1-2 dollars a day on PPC ads that’s plenty on consistent traffic and your business will grow and your sales will increase!
So look to invest about 250-300 a month for the first 90-120 days, after that you should be seeing profits if your offer is good and you will be using profit to advertise and that’s very key to get the business paying for itself within a 90-120 period! Join our team and learn how it’s done step for step!

Do You Know The Traffic Flow?

I want to share with you a proven traffic flow sequence that will improve your (CTR) Click thru rate and get more email sign ups and ultimately more sales.

The traffic flow should happen in sequence. So someone types in a keyword and comes to your website. Within 3-5 seconds your email form should pop up to collect the visitors email address. This is very important because you won’t get a sale on the first time someone visits your website it takes several times before a person is comfortable enough to buy from you. So have their email give you the opportunity to warm up to them and show them your offering a useful product of service. After you collect the email they should notice your tagline and be reassured that they are at the right website. Below are the steps to take to setup your traffic flow system.

  1. Set up an email sign up form and link it to your auto responder. If you don’t have one click here and get it one for $7 bucks
  2. Make sure your sites has a clear and visible tag line so your visitors know exactly what your website offers.
  3. Get targeted traffic to your site using paid traffic sources  I recommend My Paying Ads and Bing Ads

Know How Much Money You Are Making (Before) Buying A Product!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to mention a common mistake some new investors are making when purchasing products for resell. If you are ready to invest, take some time to carefully calculate all of the associated cost. For example the website buyer fees, shipping cost, taxes, seller fees from ebay or amazon, and end user shipping cost.

So in order to truly profit online with products you must take a few minutes to make sure the product is worth your investment. Let’s take a canon gl2 camcorder for example. So the first thing I want to do is check ebay and amazon for current selling trends, and get an idea of what i can sell it for. When I do the research I see that I can get around 250 dollars for one in decent condition.

Most beginners will take that number and think if they buy the camcorder for 100 bucks, that they will make 150 dollars profit. If we add all of the cost.10% buyer fee, 40 bucks shipping, 10% ebay fee plus 2.9% paypal and another 40 bucks end user shipping, we have. $100 + 10%= 110 + 40= $150 + 12.9% of 250 ebay/paypal fee = $32.25 = $182.25 + 40 end user shipping cost= $222.25. So you paid $222.25 and sold $250 your true profit is $27.75.

Of course in the sell for a living  ebook I’ll show you how to find the best products and highest profit strategies. But if you implement your cost before you buy you’ll make alot more profit online and you’ll know how much to expect in return. Please add this email to your safe list and check for more updates and tips. Thanks for joining and I hope this information helps.

Yours Truly,
Carlton Richard

If you are looking to build some passive income, I’d recommend joining a digital retailer and start promoting digital products.

You can also make money selling passive income systems that do all the hard work for you. It’s like investing in a franchise, where all you need to do is let people know that you’re open and provide the location.


There are many things to consider when buying and selling online. I’ll assume you are buying to sell to an end user for profit. So before you actually sell anything, you are a buyer first. As a buyer looking to make a profit, you want to be aware of the niche you are buying in.

#1. Understanding The Demand for your product is key! Don’t buy an item without knowing how many potential buyers you have. If you want to know how many people are interested in your product. Just go to ebay and enter the  item number and see how many people are watching your item or similar items. You want to see at least 5 or more people watching your type of product.

#2. Know The Value of the item. Not every old antique is worth thousands of dollars. Do your research to see what the going rate is before you purchase. Use Amazon, Ebay or Offer Up to see what sellers are listing similar items for. Also you can use ebay’s  Advance search feature to see what your item recently sold for. This is a great tool and I highly recommend you use it every time before you decide to purchase an item.

#3.Know The  Saturation Rate of your product. If you’re thinking about buying an item because the value and the demand is there, don’t overlook saturation. Basically in means the difference between how many potential customers you have and the number of sellers selling the same item. If you see that an item has 4 watchers and over 50 sellers, chances are it will take a while to sell that item. A good selling product will have high demand, good value and no more than 10-20 sellers per platform.


In order to be successful buying and selling you need to use all of your resources. Don’t rely on one platform or one method of selling. There several websites with plenty of buyers that want your product. Your job as a seller is to place the product where ever they are. I’m going to list a few ways you can sell your product faster. If you have done your home work then surely your buyer can be found.

#4 Use Social Media Groups to help spread the word about what you are selling. Facebook groups are perfect for getting leads and building awareness of your products. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a direct sale from Facebook, think of it as a referral system that you can build up over time. Join or start a selling group and engage by commenting on items. You will get engagement in return. Make sure you have clearly linked your product so that people can share and like your items.

#5 Selling Apps are on the rise, apps such as offerup, let it go, and mercar have millions of users. Take advantage by listing on these platforms. They are extremely effective if you’re selling consumer electronics, household or appliance items. The are local based so you want to choose a safe place to meet and bring someone with you if possible. I use Walmart every time I do a local transaction. Works great and normally I need to get something from inside anyway.

#6 Use Classified Ads to find professional buyers. For every product you buy there’s a person or business that’s makes money using that product. For example if you bought a pressure washer or welding machine. You can look on craigslist or backpage to see who’s in business using your type of equipment. Send them a message asking if they are interested in owning more equipment at a discount price.Most of the time they are because they can expand their business with more equipment. If you have the right price, you got a sale!


After you make sell, the transaction isn’t over. To set your self apart as a seller, the last step in the process is good old fashioned customer service. You want to make sure your buyer is happy with the product they purchased from you.Although it’s impossible to please everyone, you certainly want to try. I’ll list some good habits you’ll want to adapt to reduce negative feedback and returns. You’ll also get repeat customers if you following these tips.

#7 Packaging The Item(s) properly lets the buyer know that you care about the product you sold. If you’re not good at boxing up items then use a local UPS or Fedex store. You’ll pay for the box and packing but it makes you look professional and people like getting new boxes, it’s true. You can save on the packing by reusing the boxes you got when you bought the item(s) and had it shipped to you. If you have a AAA membership you get 5% off your packing at most UPS stores.

#8 Following Up is a gesture that few sellers actually do. When the item you sold arrives. Give the buyer a day or two to test or use the product, then send an email asking if they are satisfied with your product. The buyer will be happy to share with you their thoughts. If they are happy then ask for them to leave you some feedback. Make sure that you leave positive feedback for all your buyers as well. Even if they give you a negative feedback, always be polite in your comments about the buyer. If you leave a negative comment you could be scaring off new customers.

I hope you find this information useful please leave some feedback or comments. If you are ready to get into the this business of buying and selling. Grab a copy of “You Can Buy Anything & Sell For Profit Online” and you’ll be guided step for step. I’ll show you exactly how to find the best products. How to avoid common mistakes and make a profit on every sale!